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What are Data Dashboards?


    Data visualization is an art of storytelling by combining fancy visualization tools with the analyzed summary of the data. Actually, this story becomes valuable only if you have the audience to listen and react. From this point of view, data dashboards can be considered the most engaging and interactive data visualization tool that offers various types of data analysis in an up-to-date way.

    What makes them so useful and popular are their characteristics such as;

    • Centralized Summary of Business Insights
    • Monitoring multiple categories
    • Measuring the differences
    • Interactive Analysis with drill-downs
    • Extracting unknown information from data sets


    In terms of visualization, Admin Dashboard Templates are famous among developers and designers. They are the tools for creating data dashboards. Because domain experts, BI executives, or data analysts should decide what to show in a data dashboard. Without their knowledge, these dashboards cannot give you the secrets of your data.

    Data dashboards are mostly combinations of charts, graphics, tables, maps, and timelines. They can be dynamic, customizable, and exportable. Their interactive behavior enables you to dig deeper into the data set you are working on. See the below image from Databox which provides a data dashboard designer to make your life easier.

    For better insights, domain expertise is a must as we discussed in this post. By saying that, you can create almost unlimited versions of dashboards concerning your business field and needs.

    Types of Data Dashboards

    There are four types of data dashboards that are discussed in this post of GeckoBoard.

    • Marketing Dashboards
    • Operations Dashboards
    • Sales Dashboards
    • Support Dashboards

    As you can easily see that they are separated by their purposes. I think you can add more to this list. So, as a developer, I can say there must be a Project Management Dashboard as another category.

    To sum up, if you have data and want to monitor insights into your data collection, data dashboards provide you with valuable information. You cannot process all that data without tools and make mission-critical decisions to enlarge your business. So, it is better to use this data visualization tool by customizing it for your requirements.