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Nightingale Rose Chart


Nightingale Rose Chart is the representation of categorical data radially stacked over each other. The segment ring starts from the center, and its subcategories are above it. We cannot compare the categories by their segments into the ring, as categories are divided into equal segments, the area of the segment shows the difference of data.

Why do you need it?

Nightingale Rose charts are helpful to compare different categories just by looking at the size of the segment. The higher the value of the segment, the more focus it will gain due to the large area. This looks attractive and is effective to understand.

What kind of data you can visualize with it?

Assume you have a dataset of 3 types of categories like chronic diseases, wounds and injuries, and other diseases. Then using a Nightingale Rose Chart, you can see their distribution by months. It will help to analyze the seasonality of disease.


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