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Pictogram Chart


Pictogram Chart visualization is very popular and useful. It uses small icons to display the data where each icon represents a certain category. Through these icons, the data becomes easy to interpret. We arrange these icons in a linear way or even by using a grid. This chart is also known as Pictograph Chart, Pictorial Chart, Pictorial Unit Chart, Picture Graph.

Why do you need it?

Since Pictogram uses the icons and pictorial representation of data, it becomes quite easier to explain the data even in the case of language or cultural barriers. These are highly recommended in case of visualizing data in reports, infographics, or presentations. It makes the data more memorable and interactive.

What kind of data you can visualize with it?

We are quite familiar with the rating we give to most of the sites in the star formats. This star representation is the pictogram of the content to which the customer is satisfied. Hence, it is easier to interact, use, and memorize.


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