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Mind Map – Brainstorm


A Mind map alternatively known as brainstorm is a representation of ideas plotted according to the logic, to solve a problem. In a mind map, the visualization for problem-solving starts from the center of the page. The flow is further distributed in categories and subcategories in a flow to solve the problem, towards the edge of the page in all directions. We use arrow lines to control this flow.

Why do you need it?

Mind maps provide a basic idea of how to implement the solution of certain problems. Visually making a brainstorm alternative for a problem makes it time-saving and effective.

What kind of data you can visualize with it?

A mind map works best to visualize problem-related data. If you are stuck in a problem, then you can assemble experts for problem-solving. A person should introduce the topic to all the experts with a time limit to make a brainstorm according to their experience. After the whole process, the best alternative is taken into consideration for problem-solving.


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