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Venn Diagram


Venn diagram is a representation in the form of circles. Every circle in a Venn diagram represent different outcomes. The placing of circles is in such a way that the area where circles overlap is common in both, whereas the area that doesn’t coincide is not similar.   

Why do you need it?

We can use a Venn diagram to find the relationship between the different variables in a dataset. Venn diagram is very helpful to visualize joins when we join two or more tables to get the desired outcome.

What kind of data you can visualize with it?

Venn diagram is best suited for relational data. Assume you have a dataset in the form of an A-set of yellow color that contains mangoes and a B-set of pink color that contains sweet fruits. When we combine these two sets the area that overlaps are mangoes with a sweet taste. The remaining yellow region indicates sour mangoes and the pink region indicates sweet fruits excluding mangoes.


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