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Parallel Coordinates Plot


A Parallel Coordinates Plot is used to analyze multivariate data. It consists of parallel lines placed at equal distances. Every parallel line has a different numeric axis for different categories. The lines are then plotted for every variable through the numeric values associated with them.


Why do you need it?

Parallel Coordinates Plot gives us a clear view of all variable high and low for all vertical numeric-axes. These axes are distinguished by different color schemes, which makes the plot attractive and effective to compare others. This plot saves time and makes it easy to understand.

What kind of data you can visualize with it?

Assume you have a dataset of two fruits, apple and banana, and you have the values of glucose, fructose, and maltose associated with both fruits. Here, Parallel Coordinates Plot could be beneficial where all the values will be indifferent parallel lines. And the fruits will be represented with different color lines passing through every parallel line for comparing easily.


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