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Automated Marketing Reports and Dashboard Design with DashThis

    Dashboard design is becoming an increasing request by businesses around the world. In the age of overwhelming data availability, businesses need a simplistic but more comprehensive view of data that must be capable of presenting all the information, useful user trends, key performing parameters, and risky areas at a glance. Dashboards serve the purpose excellently. Such an inclusive view of data in the form of a holistic dashboard updates the users about previous performance and guides them about expected trends soon. Along with giving a quick overview of the most crucial information, dashboards also navigate users’ attention towards those less-performing areas of the application seeking actionable attention of the user. In this way, it provides useful information as well as action-seeking insights.

    Designing a dashboard that meets your business requirements is really more than an art. Although there are multiple defining parameters for designing a good dashboard, what if you find all the essentials put into your report by an auto-generating platform where you don’t even need to spend several hours to meet your expectations. That’s what DashThis is offering her customers in the blink of an eye. DashThis is providing a reporting solution for your business needs in the form of automated marketing reports and custom dashboard designs. Based on your business category, it makes sure to provide a custom reporting solution that perfectly meets your real-time needs. It is offering solutions to multiple categories including marketing teams, marketing agencies, franchises, small businesses, executives, and even freelancers.


    Spreading over 122+ countries, with a strong base of more than 18K active users and up to 500K KPIs, DashThis is offering its software solution based on automated reporting tool to thousands of marketing reports which are being published online with the help of its analytics dashboard tool. Its good-looking and powerful reporting features make the product efficient enough through the automated process.

    Integration of DashThis with multiple platforms

    The most powerful feature of DashThis, which makes it an efficient and time-saving tool, is its connected integration with 34+ platforms to bring all the data into one place. Such a widespread integration brings effectiveness in its operation. It terminates the practice of hustling from one platform to another to customize data into one dashboard from multiple sources. Along with custom managing tools, its smart feature of integration with multiple platforms brings all the KPIs and useful data from multiple sources into a single automated marketing report, just in a single click. Its built-in dashboard integrations include

    • Google Analytics
    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Insights,
    • Facebook Ads
    • Facebook Business Manager
    • Instagram
    • Instagram Ads
    • LinkedIn Pages
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Google Search Console
    • Google My Business
    • SEMrush
    • Moz
    • Ahrefs
    • Majestic
    • Bing Ads
    • Mailchimp
    • CallRail
    • Campaign Manager
    • Search Ads 360
    • Adform
    • Keymetric
    • Campaign Monitor
    • Ginza Metrics
    • Perfect Audience
    • Marchex
    • Searchmetrics
    • Formstack
    • WebCEO
    • Brightcove
    • ClickMeter
    • ComScore
    • Google Sheets
    • Shopify
    • and many more in the queue.

    Even if you couldn’t find any integration you might be looking for, their nifty CSV file tool helps integrate custom data on the dashboard. This is the most remarkable feature, DashThis is offering, connecting all the platforms in one single report.

    Efficient report creating and Dashboard Design

    DashThis is also offering many dashboard design templates for quick reporting. There is no need to start from scratch to develop a new dashboard if your choice is preset. You can simply choose any of the templates depending on your business category and preferred design strategy. You need to put your data into an already built template, following selection of the time period, and your dashboard report gets ready as much quickly as never supposed to be.

    DashThis is providing plenty of report templates to all types of marketers and agencies, which can easily be customized as per their requirements. It is offering SEO report template, PPC report template, Email report template, Google analytics report template, e-commerce report template, SEM report template, social media report template, Advertising campaign report template, Digital marketing report template, Facebook Ads report template, Executive report template, Sales report template, and many other templates for best practices of your dashboard design is a very quick and efficient way.

    Enabling you to create your own custom dashboard from scratch or developing one from given templates, DashThis is also offering services to create dashboards for you. You can ask them for bulk creation of dashboards to save hours of time to let you spend it on scaling your business. DashThis is offering two services in this regard, one is bulk creation of the dashboard and the other one is bulk editing of your dashboard. By simply defining your needs, you can let them complete your job and save plenty of time for you.

    Ensuring best practices of Data Visualization

    To accompany the best practices of data visualization on the dashboard, DashThis enables you to choose from a wide variety of data visualization tools such as graphs, charts, colorful patterns, pie, bar, maps, treemapping, histograms, line bars, and columns, etc. Furthermore, to deliver context, the dashboard should have leverage targets, competitive intelligence, and benchmarks also. It is also very necessary to take into consideration your target audience while designing the dashboard. It is important to consider their interaction with the dashboard that how they will interact with it and how it will respond in return.

    While displaying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on the dashboard, must cover end-to-end procurement, outcomes, and behaviors. DashThis has ensured all the important key parameters for successful deployment of the dashboards, no matter it is an analytical dashboard to monitor the health of an organization, strategic dashboard to understand different trends and compare data with respect to multiple variables having a key impact on business strategies, or an operational dashboard which monitors real-time activities of business organizations. They have served the purpose equally around.

    After creating your own custom dashboard template with the help of preset themes, customizable widgets, section headers, data visualization tools, and comment boxes for each widget, you can share your designed template with your potential customers, clients, or colleagues. DashThis offers another remarkable feature of adding your friends to your account giving them access to visit your designed dashboard. You can simply add them to your account, and they will have access to view, edit, and make considerable changes to the already existing draft of your dashboard making it even more excellent. Automating the distribution of your generated report is another feature that automates the process of email dispatching of the marketing report giving real-time access to your clients as well.


    DashThis is offering an efficient online software tool for automated processing of marketing data into highly visualized marketing reports and dashboard designs that are easy to develop and deploy. It provides a wide range of customizable services to different types of businesses as per the requirements of the user. Its powerful features like integration with multiple platforms, make it highly efficient and time-saving in terms of bringing all the data from multiple sources to a single customizable dashboard without any havoc of going from one platform to another all the way. It also offers already developed templates for the quick creation of highly visualized dashboards. Its user-friendly platform is highly customizable and efficient for easy-to-develop dashboard designs in a time-saving way.