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A Correlogram is a visualization between two or more variables, to show correlation. If on a plot, both the variables move towards their positive side, then it is called a positive correlation. And, if both the variables move towards negative, then it’s called a negative correlation. If there is no pattern detected between the variables, then it is called no correlation.


Why do you need it?

We need Correlogram to identify the pattern of two or more variables in a dataset. The plot of random data is in the form of a scatterplot. This becomes effective and easy for us to understand a random dataset.

What kind of data you can visualize with it?

Assume you have a dataset of two or more variables, then this plot is beneficial. It will give you a brief idea of the correlation between the random points in the dataset. One should remember that not to use more than 10 variables, or else the plot will become clustered.


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