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Gantt Chart


A Gantt chart is a representation of horizontal bars, which show the work schedule with the timeline. Gantt chart has a timeline on X-axis and work schedule on the Y-axis. In old times, people made a Gantt chart by using paper or boxes. Various visualization software that can make a dynamic Gantt chart has emerged with the advancement of technology.

Why do you need it?

We need a Gantt chart to visualize progress for a project. It makes the workers easy to understand, which task is to complete after a certain task. As the work progresses, the bar starts to fill with color. Gantt chart helps the management to see which task is ahead and which is leaving behind w.r.t the time awarded.

What kind of data you can visualize with it?

Gantt chart is best suited for time-related data. If you have a dataset that contains a schedule of certain tasks means which task to perform after which one, and the time to perform the task then you can use the Gantt chart to put them in order. Examples of such types of datasets are construction projects, event planning, software development planning, etc. Workers can see progress, timeline, and schedule of every task from the chart.


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