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Storytelling with data from the developers perspective..

This is a place created by Serif Cetiner for developers, product owners, designers, and everyone who has an interest in visualizing data.

After years of development experience in admin dashboards, I realized that every dashboard needs to show insights into the system. Reporting the information you have is not as easy as it seems. It would not be useful if you are not showing the right information extracted by the analysis process. On the way, I learned from my mistakes, and I wanted to share my knowledge with passioned newbies to help their journey with data and development.

At first, dealing with visualization seems easy, but it is exactly the opposite of it. Visualization starts with domain knowledge. You have to know what your data represents, what the content is, then you can make an analysis on it, and finally you can extract the valuable information to highlight.

Feel free to browse around the site. You will find plenty of information on data visualization starting from basic charts, to advanced custom visuals.

Finally, please contact me for your reviews and suggestions, it will only help us improve our site and serve the community better.