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Infographics vs Charts


    If you are researching data visualization, you probably come across with the keywords infographics and charts. And, you might think they would be the same concept for the visualization of data. But they are way more different and in this article, we are talking about their meanings and differences.

    A popular quote about data visualization is;

    “Data visualization is a way of telling stories with data.”

    Indeed it is true. And simply, if you are telling complex stories with your data, you are most likely using infographics. On the other hand, charts tell stories as well. But they do it more simply.

    For example, if you are showing a proportion with a pie chart, you would be saying there is a difference between some categories. (a short story)

    Then you did some research and find out that during the last 2 years, there is a constant change between those proportions. Now, you have more to tell.

    Let’s expand the concept of storytelling with data through Instagram and Twitter monthly users.

    If you want to evaluate these two social media giants, the first thing you would look at the number of active users, right? In July 2012, you would think they are almost the same. (short story of a single chart)

    Active Users (July 2012)

    Now, if you are an investor, it’d be better to listen to longer stories, infographics in that case. The below visual is a basic infographic for the beginners. You can see there are insights from the Instagram statistics, two charts comparing two companies.

    Basic Infographic

    I think the difference is more clear now. But check the below samples for real infographics.



    Infographic_Timeline infographic-vs-charts-cover

    Infographics are much more related to design skills. Even if you have solid domain knowledge, creating infographics is not easy. Besides, the presentation of information is getting fancier these days.

    So, if you want to create awesome infographics and learn how to make animated pie charts, line charts & bar graphs, you can join this great course.

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